Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take long to set up?

Our hosting packages: Usually they are fully ready to go as soon as you have purchased.
Domains: Usually are ready within 2 hours but can take upto 24hrs to fully work and be used.
Webdesign: This all depends on the type of website you want, We can produce fully working and error free bespoke websites within 48hrs, Please always refer to time schedules we have set.

I cant find a product i want.

We try our best to provide sollutions for all your website and digital needs, Some of which we havent advertised on our website. If you require any services not on our website please contact us and we can assist you further.

My website is down or not working

There are many reasons this could of happened, from payment issues to technical issues (which are rare) please be sure to contact us, If for what ever reason our website is unavailble we always post to social media, so be sure to check there.

I want to upgrade my services

We designed packages to suit you at any point you can upgrade your package, You will only pay the difference between the packages.

I want to cancel

Some services are locked for the term of the contract, We would love for you to contact us before cancelling, We maybe able to rectify the issue your having, or advise you of our cancelation procedures on which ever service you own.

I have a complaint or private matter to discuss.

Our ticket system is designed to be able to handle sensative infomation and to be able to pass your ticket to a member of staff that is specifically trained to deal with your issues. If you are unhappy with any responses you have recieved ask to be referred and a member of management will be able to pick up and see all the previous comunications.

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